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"Kat Von D's  Lightning Bolt Clock" 
"aka L.A. Ink Star"
Star of the hit reality show LA Ink 
Check out Kat's official website here Kat Von D Website
Tony Viscardi
The art piece is a clock done in the classic lightning bolt style that is in Kat's logo for the High Voltage tattoo shop . Check her out on TLC's website here
Kat Von D with her artist made art clock made by Tony Viscardi
KatVonD art clock. Custom art. KaT vON d LIGHTNING BOLT ART CLOCK clock for kat von d of La ink in hollowood los angeles
custom made art clock for Kat von d of LA ink
Red second hand and purple hour hands with yellow Cat eye Jewels
Kat von d, KatVonD, Kat von d
kat von d clock signed by Tony Viscardi to Kat von d
Kat von d postcard signed by kat von d to artist to the stars Tony Viscardi
The signed autographed picture received from Kat Von D
High voltage tatto shop logo in hollywood, kat von d's tatto shop
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