Brushed Aluminum, Neon, Mixed Media
53 x 36 x 6
Neon art style art piece. Art deco neon design with cool blue neon,green neon, and mixed media
LightCameraAction employs geometric neon forms and neon arches. This neon wall sculpture has a day look and a night look. The geometric neon forms are used with neon backlighting and the neon arches have exposed purple and pink neon to give the sanding swirls life and exciting color . This neon wall sculpture includes six different neon colors and is sure to be a conversation piece in any room. This piece has NINE seperate Neon Pieces!!
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Tony Viscardi
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neon wall sculpture putting the neon piece together
neon neon neon
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LightCameraAction is a large scale neon sculpture with some crazy neon engineering.
Rarley do you see neon used in this way, but for a neon sculpture it is awesome!!!

LightCameraAction neon sculpture takes on a totally diffrent look from day to night.
This neon sculpture is stunnin at night with all its beautiful neon colors.

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