ilder Artist statement of Tony Viscardi, Viscardi specializes in neon art and brushed aluminum
"Wholesale Info & Pricing"
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My mediums of brushed aluminum and neon come from a lifelong fascination with interchanging lights and the love of Art Deco design. My sculptures evolve from a desire to see layers and shapes incorporated into my passion for contemporary design. Along the way in my artist career I have adapted  other mediums into my primary focus of aluminum and neon. Glass, fabric, mirrors, water, and Plexiglas are a few that I have enjoyed creating with. I continue to "play" with other forms and incorporate them into my creations. 

Each piece is created daily with an artistic approach. The machinery I use is often viewed and industrial and lifeless. Using a plasma cutter, jigsaw, grinders and sanding discs are often what companies, factories and industries use. Creating art with these devices is a fascinating way to spend my days. I enjoy seeing my various sanding techniques cause the metal to "come to life". Neon incorporated into some of these pieces gives each work a glowing beauty. Some are subtle with backlit colors shining through while others are stark and vibrant. My clients who collect my art pieces are fascinated with the creation as they are often viewed as "jewelry for the wall". 

I began my art career years ago splattering paints on canvas. I found metal to be fascinating while exploring different mediums and became amazed that such an industrial form could be transformed into a work of art. Metal becoming contemporary art that designers incorporate into residences and businesses is a reality I enjoy each day. America is made of entrepreneurs who had a dream. Being a self-taught artist who began in my garage and created my way into a studio allowed me to leave my factory career of 10 years during 2003. Creating artwork is my career and my passion. Traveling to art shows across the country allows me to share a piece of my world with collectors. When others enjoy my work that creates my success. 
Tony Viscardi
I am now selling my products wholesale to qualified galleries and stores. The following is required to qualify for wholesale purchase:

- Copy of Resale or Tax Exempt Certificate (Business license for State requiring and Canada)
- Verification of dedicated business telephone number in the name of the applying Wholesale Account
- Copy of business card in the name of applying Wholesale Account or other marketing material in name of wholesale account. - Web address if applicable.

Once this this information has been received and approved, you will be set up with a wholesale account and will receive confirmation by email. This process usually takes 1-2 days. Once set up you will be able to shop on the  Viscardi Designs website as a wholesale buyer, receive wholesale prices and order on line.

Minimum order is $100. Payment for all orders is made by VISA,MASTER CARD, AMEX, paypal or check at the time of purchase. Orders are shipped after payment has been received. Most orders can be shipped within a week of order date. Large orders and made to order pieces can take 2-4 weeks. No refunds on custom pieces and or neon pieces.

sculptures in aluminum and abstract sculptures