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Audrey Hepburn Pop Art metal sculpture with LED and Neon
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"Audrey Hepburn Pop Art Sculpture"

8ft x 46  x 10
Brushed Aluminum, Mixed media
Tony Viscardi
      Great sculpture in very fun whimsical way
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Audrey Hepburn Pop Art sculpture with real neon tubes and backlit in color changing LED lighting. This is the famous  "Breakfast At Tiffany's" scene from the Movie Breakfast At Tiffany's.

We were able to find a replica necklace and ear rings from the Breakfast At Tiffanys that really makes this sculpture special and unique. We love adding real world objects in our sculptures. We also added a real Cigarette holder and we were able to find a prop Cigarette that looks like it is lit!!!

These LED lights are amazing and our programmable. Here are some of the Effects they can do. They are controlled by a app on your cellphone as well!!!.