Velvet art style art piece. Art deco design with cool boomerang 50,s style art shapes.
Brushed Aluminum, Mixed Media
The Fantango wall sculpture is a one-of-a-kind art piece that is sure to make a statement! An abstract contemporary design with a bold blend of colors, including brown, lime green, and a textured crushed velvet background, make this sculpture a beautiful and stylish addition to any space. Let the vibrant colors and unique design of Fantango bring an eye-catching feel to your home.

Not only is it handmade in the USA with top-of-the-line, marine grade aluminum that won’t corrode or rust, but each piece is quality inspected and gallery wrapped for safe transit. Plus, it’s signed by the highly acclaimed artist, Tony Viscardi, adding a unique touch to its beauty.
24 x 24
Tony Viscardi
The Making of Fantango Video
Fantango Video