60 x 30 x 3 
"Luminous Retro"
outdoor sculptures and corporate sculptures
Retro art style art piece. Art deco design with cool boomerang 50,s style art shapes.
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Indoor or outdoor LED sculpture. This large scale sculpture would be great for a lobby or a home foyer.  5ft Aluminum wall sculpture with lots of crazy brushed aluminum lines. This large LED sculpture  Is beautiful and a must see in person!! Comes with remote so you can control the color changing LED lights!! 
You have the ablility to make the whole sculpture one color red,green,blue,etc or you can put in a color changing mode and enjoy all the different LED colors.
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The LED lighting in this sculpture in color changing mode lights up 2 colors at once and gives
 a kelidiscope effect of the aluminum sanding marks. Really impressive feature like I have never
 seen before. We were stunned and very happy when we plugged this in for the first time.