36 x 24 x 2
Neon art style art piece. Art deco neon design with cool blue neon,green neon, and mixed media
Brushed Aluminum,Glass Paints,Mixed Media
metal wall art, wall art, aluminum wall art piece in brushed aluminum, modern wall art piece in aluminum and metal art
metal wall art, wall art, contemporary art, aluminum metal art, brushed aluminum art wall sculpture
RazzleDazzle a light spectacle, This contemporary wall art is amazing the way the light reflects off of the different sanding techniques. Put this Aluminum wall sculpture  in your room with a spotlight on it and watch everyone's reaction. "Wow"

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outdoor sculptures and corporate sculptures
Tony Viscardi
52 x 30 x 3
Metal wall art, wall art, wall sculpture,
RazzleDazzle-2 is the same as above but supersized to 52x30x3.
This abstract wall sculpture is amazing in person. You can see the sanding thru the glass paints!!

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