Glen Hadley handles all my costume neon work. Great prices and great to work with. If you need Neon ,you need Hadley Signs & lighting.
4605 Mile Of Sunshine Drive -Louisville, KY  40219 - 502-417-8551 Cell  
Eric Ehlenberger - Eric's work speaks for itself, check it out 
Artsake - look for art
Artistsvillage - Galleries and several artist
MomentsPhotography - A great  place to get Professional  Photography
Art-online - Directory of resources in the visual arts, including museums, government, employment, and others. Edited and updated by a human team
Louisville Glassworks.com  - great place in downtown Louisville to view art in glass
Art Focus.com- Great resources   
James "Kingneon" Guçwa    Photo realism paintings by James "Kingneon" Guçwa, renowned photorealism artist

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Title: Viscardi Designs.com / Tony Viscardi
Url: www.ViscardiDesigns.com
Description: Contemporary Art & Sculptures By renowned artist Tony Viscardi

Tony Viscardi
Art Resources

Abstract Artists


    Repository of Abstract Art, Modern Paintings, and Sculpture Abstract Art Repository contains images, history, and discussion of great new art. It focuses on abstract art from the sixties to now.

Abstract Art

    A summary of cubism, abstract expressionism, and neoplastisim (de stijl). Also has info on Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock and Piet Mondrain.

Abstract Art Landscapes & Contemporary Art Paintings

    Colorful, creative, emotional and inspiring.  Original paintings by Jaison Cianelli.  Capturing the energetic essence of life with an infusion of bold colors with dripped or flung-on paint texture. 

Abstract Art and Genetics by Hunter O'Reilly

    Hunter's abstract art hints at both organic matter at the highest level (human faces) and at the smallest level (single cells). ... Description: View oil paintings in Hunter O'Reilly's Abstract Faces Series, read about her genetics research and...

American Art & Artists

Native American Art Exhibit

    Fine art exhibit by prominent Native American artists.

 William Brody, American Artist

    Known nationwide for his realistic scenes of small town America, Michigan artist William Brody has been a practicing painter for more than 37 years.

James Rizzi, American Artist

    Kara Gallery: Silkscreens with hand-cut 3-D constructions and colorful contemporary urban scenes.

Bruce Gray

    The Los Angeles sculptor is also well known for his kinetic sculptures which include mobiles and stabiles, amazing gravity defying suspended super power magnet sculptures, and rolling ball sculptures.

American Center for Artists

    The American Center for Artists is an electronic magazine that focuses on the biography and autobiography of famous and emerging writers, painters, sculptors, musicians, and other artists. It also presents new and reprinted works by these artists as well as articles about them.

LJ Lindhurst

    An artist with a wide range of work from realism to pet portraits. The "Lock Series" is a personal favorite. She also writes book reviews and is great at that as well.

 Art Directories

World Wide Art Resources

    The largest marketplace for contemporary art, international art news, research and gallery portfolios, online since 1995


    Directory of resources in the visual arts, incuding museums, government, employment, and others. Edited and updated by a human team


    Art Directory for Fine Artists Oil Painters Graphic Designers Musicians Writers

World Artist Directory

    Artists' search engine, art news, the Art Teacher, and the Real- time Art Critique Gallery.

Art Exhibitions


    SynthArt, the site of digital synthesis art.


    The art world's source for income and exhibition opportunities

Art Exhibitions Online


    Online Gallery - fine art exhibitions


    Artist Income and Exhibition Opportunities. Searchable database for artists seeking juried exhibitions, call for entries, grants, residencies...


    inIVA creates exhibitions, publications, multimedia, education and research projects .. and audiences to question assumptions about contemporary art and ideas ...

Online Art Exhibitions

    An invitational online exhibition of artists who are exploring the possibilities of the Web as an art tool.

NeT - ArT Gallery

    Artists Portfolios and Online Galleries: Artists Portfolios and Online Galleries Artists

Art Galleries

Agora Gallery

    Established in 1984, Agora is a fine art gallery dedicated to the promotion of national and international artists, providing fine art to established and new collectors, catering to special events in support of fine art, publisher of ARTisSpectrum Magazine and the sponsor of Art-Mine.com

Art Museums

Museum of Neon art

    The only museum dedicated to the art of neon.

ceramicsculpture - The internet gallery for the new millennium Tour the personal galleries of today's leading
ceramic sculptors. Over 300 ceramic artwork on display. Award winning website with links worldwide.

Mic Websites


    Timothy Rose has been creating mobile sculpture for more than 30 years. First inspired by the work of Alexander Calder, he began exhibiting professionally in 1965.

    He has lived in Japan, Mexico, and Paris. It was while living in Paris that the work of Wassily Kandinsky began to influence his ideas and sculpture. Particularly inspiring was Kandinsky's later work, consisting of small drawings of overlapping layers of floating hard-edged shapes. What followed was a body of work breaking away from the Calderesque rhythms.

Kenny Greenberg

    An incredibly informative web site with a great deal of information and many links to all things neon


    Join fellow artists in sharing works together on the Internet. Enjoy visiting artists studios and roaming the gallery rooms....


    Betty's Art Gallery has evolved into Art and Graphix Ink, original acrylic paintings and graphics... painting.

vlad art gallery

    Vlad Art Gallery... Our art gallery allows them to show and sell their art online to a worldwide audience. But online art gallery is not the only service we provide. ...


    Art Gallery New Zealand... in investment art, paintings, fine art prints, art glass, ceramic art, books and cards by New Zealand artists. Browse the online gallery, subscribe to the ...


    W3art Online Fine Art GalleriesW3art stands alone among online fine art galleries as the premier site for artists and art lovers. ... W3Art Online Fine Art Galleries. ...


    Art Cove Gallery.Be prepared to be excited with are online art displays. We specialize in original sculptures and paintings of wildlife, abstract and human figures. New pieces are is being added weekly. Start adding to your art collection by visiting us often. Commissions are also available.


    VagabondStudio.com specializes in murals, faux finishes and hand painted furniture.


    Artwork in different styles and media. Website offers a wide variety of features and services that enable customers and artists to buy and sell art.

Other and Misc....

Free Articles submission website

Description: Free and paid articles and website content, get quality articles for your web site or submit your articles for inclusion on article and content websites.

Photographic Artists


    Fotos Search Stock Photography
    "Search over one million images from 90 publishers including photography, photos of fine art, illustrations, and clip art."

Portrait Painting

Jerry Schwehm

    Jerry Schwehm retired and began to paint in earnest until he is now considered a premier portrait artist in acrylic paint. Painting from photos he has developed a style that captures the soul of the subject. His 'Zydeco Musicians' jump out of the canvas and seem to dance.

Stained Glass Artists

Vaseline Glass Collectors Inc.

    Vaseline Glass Collectors Inc.(VGCI), is a non-profit organization incorporated in 1998 to educate and unify Vaseline Glass collectors everywhere. For more information about vaseline glass and the collecting of vaseline glass, please visit the official web site for the only organization dedicated to educating and unifying vaseline glass collectors everywhere.

Latham Studios

    Browse realistic wildlife paintings and nature artwork by the artists in our galleries. Tour these wildlife artists' online studios to see their original paintings of nature & wildlife art in progress.



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