outdoor sculptures and corporate sculptures
"University Of Louisville Gates and Awning"

Do you need a commercial Sign or Logo sign for your  business or home
designed by Viscardi?
university of louisville logo and gates and uofl awning in brushed aluminum
Tony Viscardi
Located on the Univeristy Of Louisville's campus at the entrance of the brand new field hockey facility.
Viscardi designed the awning and the gates and the L logo pieces.
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university of louisville log gates and cardinal bird logo
university of louisville logo and gates at trager field at University of Louisville
Uof L logo on gates and in aluminum and university of louisville L logo
Trager stadium at university of louisville, Gates and awning
university of louisville field hocky field and U of L logo in aluminum and gates and awning with UofL logo
Louisville cardinals sign, gates and awning
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